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The TGD Archive in Stuttgart provides a large data base for family research about persons of the past, with details, above all, of those whose forebears once emigrated from their German homeland to America, Russia, Palestine and Africa and found new homes abroad. Special emphasis is placed on their places of origin, on the timing of their emigration, and on their professions and positions within the Society. Their biographical data and family relationships have priority.

A genealogical data base like this is always open-ended; just as we have received the results of their own family research from many members and friends, so we also depend on the readers of these pages for further additions, corrections and extensions to our collection. Our Archive meticulously preserves family documents, biographies, excerpts from church registers, ancestral charts and descriptions of domiciles etc. and put them at the disposal of interested researchers.

Below please find the names of families about which considerable data already exist. We could call them “core family names”. The total number of the names in the collection amounts, of course, to a multiple of this core. If a name is missing in the list below, a direct enquiry to the Archive is recommended.

We have added to our collection not only families whose relatives live in Germany today, but also those who are domiciled in Australia or in other parts of the world. There are, however, a number of families of which no living relatives or descendants are known to us.


Aberle Aimann Albrecht Appinger Arndt
Arnold Asenstorfer Auwärter Bacher Baldenhofer
Baldensperger Bätzner Bäuerle Barchet Bauer
Baumert Bay Bechtle Beck Beilharz
Berner Bertsch Besserer Bez Bienzle
Bihler Binder Bitzer Blaich Blankertz
Bohnenberger Breisch Bretschneider Bubeck Buchhalter
Bühler Bulach Decker Deininger Dieterle
Dirks Doh Doster Dreher Dyck
Edelmaier Egger Ehmann Ehnis Eisenbraun
Eppinger Faber Faig Failenschmid Fallscheer
Fast Fauser Fay Feil Fischer
Frank Franz Friedel Friesen Fröhlich
Fröschle Gassmann Gengenbach Glenk Göpfert
Gohl Gollmer Gräter Graze Grözinger
Groll Grossmann Günthner Haar Hachenberger
Häring Hagenlocher Hahn Hall Hardegg
Harder Hasenpflug Hausknecht Herrmann Heselschwerdt
Hess Höfer Hoffmann Hornung Hudelmayer
Imberger Isaak Jauss Jesser John
Jung Kaltenbach Kappus Katz Kaulfuss
Kazenwadel Keller Kirchner Klenk Klink
Klotz Knoll Kopp Krafft Kraiss
Krockenberger Krügler Kübler Kugler Kuhnle
Lachenmaier Lämmle Landenberger Lange Lauer
Lendholt Lippmann Löbert Lorch Lorenz
Mader Mann Matthies Messerle Minzenmay
Neef Orth Ottmar Pankratz Paulus
Pfänder Pfeiffer Pflugfelder Prinz Pross
Rehm Reichert Reinhardt Rempel Richter
Röhm Rohrer Roller Rothacker Ruff
Rühle Sandel Sawatzky Schäfer Schaible
Schanz Scheerer Scheerle Schmalzried Schmidt
Schnerring Schraitle Schumacher Schwarz Seeger
Sickinger Specker Stäbler Stecher Steller
Steudle Stoll Strecker Struve Stütz
Sus Tietz Trefz Treiber Uhlherr
Unger Venus Vollmer Wächter Wagner
Wahl Weber Weberruss Weeber Weiberle
Weigold Weinmann Weiss Weller Wennagel
Wied Wieland Wohlfahrt Wörz Wolfer
Wurst Wurster Zacher
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